So two days ago I submitted the first four chapters of my manuscript to a publishing company. I have been sitting in agony waiting for them to contact back as to whether they wanted the full manuscript or not. I know, I know, it can take a couple of weeks to hear back at the best of times, but, well, I’m a little impatient.

Today though, I woke to a rather nice email, asking for the full manuscript of The Bound Hearts book 1 – Courageous Souls. I was a tad more than excited and so happy to have gotten this far. I know that it’s not an acceptance but just to finally make it past that first stage has left me feeling all tingly inside.

Now though, I have just had a thought. It’s going to take considerably longer than two days to hear back from them this time. And so I have decided that submitting manuscripts to publishers is like a slow form of torture for the Author submitting said manuscript.

That being said, if this publisher goes ahead with my novel I think I might just burst with excitement and pride and happiness and any other good emotion that one can feel at the same time.

I have worked long and hard on finishing Courageous Souls and right from the beginning I felt that I was attached to this series far more than any other I have ever worked on. I’ll keep the updates coming as to what happens but in the mean time, I will try to take up my weekly blog once again.

For now have a good week. I will leave you all with a snippet of Bound Hearts Book 2 – Captured Souls.



Leeta was dead. He closed his eyes as the bond that had become so strong over the years, slipped away with her existence. She had been a fool to think that her city wouldn’t one day rise up against her. The seer had foreseen her demise. She had been warned against allowing the people of her city to live free of the star bond. Yet, she let it happen anyway.

Wraith needed death to survive, it was a fact, but there were better ways to procure the death that was essential to their existence. Leeta’s vision of a world of compliance due to fear had been doomed from the start. She should have known that human’s would one day fight back. Instead of being forced to fight among themselves, fighting for their rights, their freedom, their lives.

Jenson sighed as he turned to the seer – Gabrielle; she was blind, and yet she saw more than any other being in existence. Her face was white, tears had stained a path across her cheek and Jenson knew in that moment that their own city was about enter a battle like none they had ever seen. One possibly, that would rival that of the great war of 2078. The one that had been of their own design. The one that had led to three hundred and fifty years of plentiful death.

He made an oath to Gabrielle that day. No matter what should happen from that moment on, he would now and forever fight to protect their right to survive. He had flushed with rage, his body shaking uncontrollably at the sight of the young girl who had killed the woman he loved.

She, who thought herself as leader of the Hyboran’s. She who now wore a smile upon her face as she was chained to her comrades. She who would die at his hands.


4 thoughts on “Waiting

    • That they do! Luckily I have a second and third book to write to occupy my time! And Thank you 😀

    • I do Doug 🙂 I have started on book 2, although I haven’t had much of a chance in the last couple of days to get much done. It’s still a start though right? 😉

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