Writers Block.

So today I wanted to talk about Writers Block! I know all the Authors/writers out there are groaning at me right now for even bringing the subject up. It’s something that insight’s fear in Authors and certainly in me.

Writer’s block is something that all authors will come across in their journey to write the perfect book and it is not something that is easily overcome, especially when there are other things demanding your attention. Like children, and work, and housework, and husband’s, and other artistic talents. The list goes on.

Less than 2 weeks ago, I wrote almost half a book in just a few days but since then I have barely written anything, and for the last 3 days NOTHING, not a single word (besides this blog. And it scares me. The thought is always there that I may never write again, because how can a writer not write? It is frustrating and I’ve been close to tears a few times in this last week. Sitting with my laptop open and my hands poised over the keys willing the words to please just flow. But it doesn’t work like that. If things aren’t ready to happen, they aren’t going to happen. The best we can hope for is for something in our daily lives to open up that window of inspiration and motivation to kick-start our writing again.

 So I am going to share with you all a few things that help me gain inspirations when I do happen to come across the dreaded writers block. I hope that by sharing, some of you may also be able to dig yourself out of that fog you are in. 


1. Music! I love music and a lot of my writing is inspired by the music I listen to. Currently my playlist is quite short but that’s ok because the music in there at the moment is fitting for my current mood and the current mood of my book. Here is one particular favourite for the day.


 2. Note taking! Everyday we see and hear things that inspire us, so why not take some of that inspiration and turn into writing gold. Take a few weeks back for instance. I was at the waterfalls indulging in my other creative outlets when I met a man who’s face told his whole life story. The lines on his face were exquisite and you could just tell that every line had a story to tell. I would have loved to have sat with that man for hours and talked about where he had been and what he had done in his life. The moment I got home, I jotted down every single feature I could remember of this beautiful man and will use him within my stories at some stage.

Something as simple as note taking is all it takes sometimes to get those writing juices flowing again.


3.  Writing Prompts! I love! writing prompts. Whenever the block hits, I hit the internet for prompts. I give myself a limit of five minutes for each prompt and whether the writing is crap or not you are still writing. Sometimes that is all it takes… A little break from the every day usual storylines and delving into the unknown.


4. Last but definitely not least… Reading! Always read. Our brains are magnificent things that soak in new information like sponges and retain it there for later use. Reading is one of the best ways I have found to conquer writer’s block. You can almost guarantee that there will be a word, phrase, paragraph etc. that will surely give you a stroke of genius and have you writing again in no time. You may even find that just the act of holding a book in your hand will give you the motivation to want to have your own book on those shelves to inspire people just like you, who are having a hard time getting the words to flow.


Well, that’s about all I have time for tonight but I will leave you with a picture that I took myself not so long ago and one that I use a lot for inspiration… And of course a smile 🙂 Image


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