I’ve been taking a breather of late, and so I know that I haven’t blogged for a while but sometimes we just need to get away from everything for a while and deal with our lives. We are after all only human. I’m  back now though, and that’s all that counts. So onto today’s post.


The week before last I felt the harsh sting of rejection. I, as you know, had submitted Courageous Souls to a publisher in the hopes they would like it and publish with their company. Now when I originally received the email I was horrified… How could they not like my work? What was wrong with it? Why? But after sitting and calming down, I re-read the email and let the rejection sink in.

Turns out they did like my work, they did like the storyline (it was written right there in the email, how had I missed that the first time I read through?). What they didn’t like was that the novel was a cross genre of Dystopian/Fantasy. Well when I say they didn’t like it, I mean that it’s not what they are looking for at the moment. Fantasy apparently just isn’t selling well at this time. So after a lot of crying and being down on myself and with the help of a couple of friends. I have picked myself up and brushed myself off to some degree. I have started submitted to other companies and even started looking at self-publishing.

I haven’t fully recovered from being told that what I am writing isn’t selling at the moment but I hold hopes that it will again one day soon. In the mean time I have decided to take some time away from letting writing rule my life. of course, I am still going to write every day but I intend to make it less stressful on myself. I have started on yet another new series that I think will be kept just for me at this stage, and I will pick up with Captured Souls some time later on down the track.


I think what I am trying to say today, is that, rejection is not the be all and end all of an Author’s career. We will still continue to write, we will still continue to love what we do, and above all we will still try!

Well it’s just started raining at my place, it’s nice and cold and I’m going to head to the lounge with a movie, a warm blanket and my sick daughter for cuddles.

Have a great day everyone and remember… Rejection is only the beginning. ❤



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