Necessary Absence.

It’s been a while since I have posted, but with good reason. I have been extremely busy conferring with Bitten Press, who have accepted my Sci-fi/fantasy Destinata into their ranks!
So between, conversing with them over the contract etc., writing new stories and getting ready for release of my new Serialized novel – The Darkness Within -, and of course being a mum, it has left me with little time for anything else.

Anyone who has been through the pain of rejection can understand how ecstatic my feelings of finally being accepted are. It’s an amazing feeling to finally have all that hard work recognised, and I am using this post to tell all the aspiring authors out there that you are good enough, the hard work isn’t for nothing, and to try and try again, no matter how many times you fail!

Lastly, in honour of the impending release of The Darkness Within, I’m leaving you tonight with the cover reveal, and you tube trailer!
Don’t forget, The Darkness Within will be available tomorrow ‘am’ (AEST) on Smashwords!

For now, have a great night!



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