The Darkness Within is live!

Today is release day for The Darkness Within! I’m a little bit excited, and just a bit more than nervous! But it is done finally!

Click here to download:

The Darkness Within follows the lives of two young, troubled adults, Addy – 18, and Evan – 20.

Addy is taken to Abby House – home for the criminally insane, not long after her eighteenth birthday. Evan has been in the home much longer than Addy, he has had time to adjust, or so he tells himself. It’s when these two people meet that things go from bad to worse in Abby House. Join them in their journey of attempted escape from the place that has been their living hell for far too long.

Everyone has a little darkness in them. A small voice that tells them to lie, to steal, to cheat… To kill. Addy Wilson sees and feels that darkness in everything around her. It consumes her, it eats at her, it terrifies her, and it excites her. Evan Cooper believes he sees spirits. Spirits that protect him, that talk to him… That kill for him. So why is that he is always the one to wake up with blood on his hands? Addy and Evan meet in Abby House – Asylum for the criminally insane. They do everything together. They will protect each other, they will go anywhere together… Would they kill for each other? Can they escape the confines before they succumb to their own darkness? Can they find a love to cure each other? Can they save each other before it’s too late?

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