Sales and Reviews!

Sales for the release of The Darkness Within Part 1 are moving along. Nothing major, nothing I can live on, but I have made some sales. Any movement is good movement as an author, and every sale gets my name out there a little bit more.

Today’s blog post will be a nice short one. I don’t have much to report except the first review for The Darkness Within. Things have been a little crazy around here the last few days and I haven’t had much time for writing but I am planning on rectifying that this afternoon. I’m on a deadline for Part 2 and I’m hoping to stick to it. So watch this space because my deadline for Part 2 is in 2 weeks from today!

And without further ado here is the first review for The Darkness Within part 1!

WOW ! This story is fantastic, fast paced, interesting and out there with twists and turns galore !
The tension and angst is tangible and kept me reading right until the end !

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