Writing – And everything that comes along with it!

Today I have been pondering over my life as an author. I know, I probably should have thought about this a while ago, but it kind of just snuck up on me. Anyway, I haven’t been thinking about it in the way you think I have been! I love writing, I love everything about writing, right down to the editing, and deleting, and yes, sometimes, even having to kill of my favourite characters.
What I have been thinking about, is all the stuff that I didn’t know came along with being an author before finding publishers. I’m talking about the promoting, and getting behind fellow authors, and designing promotion pictures, coming up with taglines etc. etc. ANYTHING to get your name out there BEFORE the release of your own title!
Don’t get me wrong I am absolutely LOVING it! Especially getting the chance to meet other authors like myself. People who I have a common interest with, and can relate to.
So for all of you ‘new’ authors out there, this is what a typical day has looked like for me for the last couple of weeks.

Get the kids off to school – First things first, I have to get the kids to school otherwise NOTHING will get done!
Get home, do a quick tidy up and settle into the computer for the day! – I can not sit around on the computer while there is stuff just laying around me, so tidying up is an essential part of my day.
Get on all my social media sites and start sharing fellow authors books/links/promo posters etc. – This part is pretty crucial, after all, no one is going to be willing to help me out if I don’t help them out! And besides, I like to help out where I can.
Right, so Social sharing is out of the way and it’s around 10:30am ALREADY! Next comes the actual ‘author stuff’.
This is the time I spend writing short stories to submit for anothologies to get my name out and about! – My stories may be placed in amongst a heap of other authors, but I think this is a GREAT way to start being heard!
It’s lunch time! Finally! I get something to eat!
I now have just 2 hours before the kids get home, and FAR too much to do in that time!
After lunch, I spend about an hour and a half working on my actual novels – I HAVE to get this done at some stage, and this is the quietest part of the day for me.
Half hour left before I have to get the kids! I spend this half an hour thinking about/doing up promo posters and swag materials. It seems like a waste of time I could spend writing, but this is all going to help me later on when my books actually get released, and besides, it’s FUN!
Okay, I’ve got the kids. It’s time to do the afternoon stuff. I’m not going to go into details with this, I may just very well bore you to death with Mummy talk!
Late PM:
It’s 7:30, the kids are finally in bed YAY!
It’s now time to hit up my Social Media Sites and get sharing again. – Yep, I do this twice a day, and any time that I get on during the day and see something that needs sharing.
Sharing is out of the way, so it’s time to do a little more work on those short stories.
Next comes the editing (I’m an editor as well, so add that to the ever growing list of things to do) I spend as much time as needed on this, and that is usually around an hour or so.
So what I have I done so far? Done some sharing, writing, more writing, promo’s, kids, sharing again, writing again, editing… Now….
You guessed it, more writing! On my novels again this time.
And last but not least, I spend the last part of my night, either writing out these blogs, or working on promo and swag gear!
And there you have it, the life of an author, it is not as glamorous as one might think, but it is Oh so rewarding at the end of the day.

So this is what has been on my mind for today! How do I cram more hours into my day to fit more time for all of these things? The answer? I don’t! I do the best I can with what time I have, and be satisfied knowing that I am doing all that I can to further my career!

I’m going to leave you tonight with a little sneak peak of the special edition bookmarks I made for Destinata today! Have a fantastic day/night everyone!Evil bloody female zombie eyes. dirt make up. Macro. Halloween themeDark creepy woods at night time with mist crows and a full moon.


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