Game on!

So tonight, I’m running a few competitions on my facebook Author Page! I’ve decided that I’m going to start knuckling down into this whole promo thing even further, and this is just the start! Tonight I’ll be giving away 3 special edition signed bookmarks for my up and coming new release ‘Destinata’ All anyone has to do is read this blog, keep an eye out for the short snippets from the book, and be the first to answer one question correctly! Here’s the link to my Author Page in case you want to join in:

While I am taking the time to write this post I thought I would talk about some more writing related stuff today. Primarily… Jealousy! Yep you read that right! Writing/Publishing/being an author, and anything that comes along with it, is a bitchy world unfortunately. But it is also one where you may just find your closest friends.

Zane’s body left nothing but desire within her stomach, from the tight wiry muscles that wound their way up his arms, to the hard abs she could see rippled under his t-shirt. She reached out again, this time with a purpose and left her hand to hover over his sunglasses.
“May I?”
Hesitating slightly he leaned forward to allow Charlie the privilege of removing his glasses. Knowing the one thing that set them apart physically from humans was their eyes, Charlie held her breath in anticipation. She slowly removed the black sunglasses that were fitted to Zane’s face and the breath that she’d had held in came gushing out in a show of shock and desire. His eyes were the most alluring part of his body and Charlie’s eyes had started to water before she realized how long she had been staring. Zane’s eyes were magical; around the midnight black pupil of his eye shone a glowing green iris. Looking into his eyes was like getting lost in a whole other world; a world full of wonder and excitement and magic. How could she have not noticed this before? She had seen other Valguard’s eyes right? Yes, she definitely had, most recently it was Mike’s. Of course she had seen his eyes plenty of times but by the time she had left his company she barely remembered them. Mike owned the local café in town and was just about the only Valguard who never wore glasses, Charlie had only seen him earlier in the day, and although the memories of them were dim she knew without a doubt that his eyes had nothing on Zane’s own glowing green ones.
“Your eyes glow more than most.”

I have had a few (not a lot) just a few people who I thought were friends displaying some jealousy since my contract was signed with Bitten, and then again with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly. Now, I know that a little bit of jealousy is a good thing, after all, we are only human. But in saying that, I can not believe the amount of envy some people are putting forward because of my advancements in the writing world.

“How old are you?”

“You’re asking me now? It’s a bit late don’t you think?”

“It’s never too late, I know you are legal and so am I. I just wondered is all.”

“I’m twenty-four, I’m the youngest of our race, no one knows where I came from or who made me. Hell I don’t even know, I don’t remember anything from before my parents adopted me and then five years ago I blacked out or something and I lost a whole year of my life. That’s when I stumbled into the woods here in Tole and I met Kara. And she’s been looking out for me ever since.”

“Kara? You’ve known all this time and you didn’t tell me before now? You didn’t think to introduce yourself to me earlier and say hey, you know your mom’s not really crazy, she’s being held prisoner, Oh and your grandmother lives in the woods right here in Tole? How can you not tell someone something like that?”

“I’m sorry, Kara said it was for the best, she knew you couldn’t find out who you really were before your eighteenth birthday. The results would have been catastrophic.”

“As opposed to what Zane? The fact that at eighteen I am going to be responsible for causing a war and then will be the one held responsible to end that war? What could be worse than that?”

Not being able to stop that war.”

I love all of my friends (online and otherwise) equally, and wish them nothing but the best in their present and future careers. I am there to support every single one of them when they need it, and sometimes even when they don’t. And yet I find myself being spoken to rudely, spoken down to, and yep some of them not even speaking to me at all! I’ve spent most of today wondering how on Earth I should go about dealing with this, and the simplest answer I came up with… Ignoring it! Either they will get over it, and come crawling back, or they will drift away, and I will know that they were never really friends. Either way I’m not going to stew over it!

And that’s it for today! Have a good night all, and good luck with the competition! ❤


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