Secrets Room – A review

Another review to add to the ever growing pile. I find myself really enjoying these, and it’s a great way to help out our fellow authors. So come join in on the fun.
Today’s review is dedicated to Secrets Room, a horror and suspense novel written by the wonderful Kim Faulks.
I actually read this book when it was first released, and let me tell you that I can still recall this book like I read it yesterday… I won’t give anymore away just yet. Let’s get you all introduced to Kim first!


I’m a lover of Dark Fiction/Horror, a good story and a complex plot. I love writing a good story that keeps you hooked until the very last page. I write books with an intricate plot, action packed thrill ride of horror, romance and I love exploring the workings of the human mind.

And now that we know a little more about Kim, let’s get onto this book of hers!


Does anyone want the blurb first? Of course you do. Here it is!

What would you do if you woke in a room filled with strangers, with no memory of how you got there, and no way out? 

Morgan Drimmel wakes to find herself in the midst of this nightmare. The gouged, blood-splattered walls scream of terror and torture, and the unrelenting light that shines between the cracks in the walls fills her with dread.
When the others in the room wake, they form alliances, and Morgan finds herself drawn to rogue biker Slade Rivers. But dependence, for her, has always come with a deadly price.
Those inside the room have secrets too; dark secrets they will go to any length to keep from getting out. When evil rears its ugly head, Morgan will not only have to fight to survive—she will also have to trust.

Like I said, I read Secrets Room when it was first release, but oh my god, I will never, ever forget it.

Right from the get go, Kim has her claws right into the suspense that is woven throughout the book, and you just can not put it down!

Imagine your worst nightmare – got it? Good – now triple that – Now you’re on the right track – now add two! You’ve got it, you’ve landed in the Secrets Room! I honestly had nightmares for weeks after reading this horror-suspense, and I’m willing to bet you will too!

How many of you have unresolved issues? Oh all of you? Well, you better get them seen to because if you ever end up in the Secrets Room, you know you are going to want to be the one person that has!

Every single character in this beautifully crafted novel has a story behind them, every single one! You will feel their pain, you will shed their tears, you will be consumed by their fear.

There were parts of this book that I will honestly never forget. I can still see the images that happened into my mind upon reading, as clear as day right now.

The ending of Secrets Room is the real clincher. It follows true horror style, and something you will never forget. Of course, for the soft at heart, there is also an alternate ending.

So why don’t you click on the link below, and get yourself a copy of this horror that you will never forget!

You can also catch Kim on Facebook, twitter, goodreads, and amazon. Simply search her name, and you will find her everywhere.


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