The Hunter Awakens by J.R.Roper – A review

Wow, wow, double wow! Let me first say that I won a copy of this book on a twitter competition. I wasn’t asked to review the story, but after reading it, I just had to! So let’s learn a little more about the author before we head onto the review.


J.R. Roper is a teacher and writer living in Michigan with his lovely wife and kids. He has a passion for middle grade and young adult fantasy and is hard at work on his Morus Chronicles series. Horror is his favorite genre for short fiction and poetry. His abnormally high caffeine levels have been rumored to change vampires back to human form and there is a story floating around about him living in the belly of the dragon.

When I started reading The Hunter Awakens I was expecting your run of the mill tween book. I am happy to say that I was completely and utterly wrong! It is evident that Joe Roper knows teens! I was transported back to feeling like a teen myself while reading The Hunter Awakens, and it is one book that I am going to keep a hold of for my own kids to read when they get to their teen years!
Not only is this a teen book though, it is suited to teens, tweens, and adults alike. I found myself thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the novel as I was reading it, and I just didn’t want to put it down.
The main character, Ethan Morus, is easily to relate to, has a quick-wit, and above all holds a level of integrity that will have you hoping that your own child grows up to have.
Not only is he all of the above, but in the face of danger and fear, he continues to push on no matter what, simply because it’s right that he does so!
The Hunenture, mystery and intrigter Awakens will awaken your own sense of advue, and leave you wanting more. Full of light and dark magic, you will almost wish that you were one of the beautifully crafted characters in this novel.
I’m giving The Hunter Awakens, an extremely well-deserved 5 stars, and will go as far to say that this is possibly one of the best YA fantasy novels I have had the pleasure of reading.

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