Review for The Winter Princess – Stacey Jaine McIntosh

Let me start by saying, that I am the slackest friend on the Earth! I read this story over a year ago, and this is the first time I am reviewing it. Stacey knows how much of a fan of hers I am, and I have read this story to death, and yet I still just haven’t gotten around to the review. But I am doing it now, so that counts right? Of course it does!

I’m going to forgo the introductions to the Author since I did an Author interview with Stacey just yesterday! You can read all about Stacey, her life, loves, and books in the interview here:



Seventeen and pregnant, wasn’t what Zooey Donovan had planned for herself. Being pregnant at seventeen and Catholic was a train wreck waiting to happen. And all this was before she found out life wasn’t as it appeared and neither was the world she’d grown up in. Instead, Zooey was the half human daughter of the once and future heir to the Winter Court, Princess Annan – a Faerie.
When her father dies, she attempts to kill the person responsible and succeeds, granting a little normalcy back into her life. Until she puts a step wrong and her eighteenth birthday turns out no better than the one before.
Never insult a Faerie. If only Zooey had known perhaps she could have prevented a Civil war among the Courts and saved herself and her friends from being exiled from Arcadia in the process.
Will Zooey risk everything to help those she cares about win back their freedom from exile no matter what the asking price?

Right from the start of The Winter Princess, I was hooked! 17 year old Zooey, has a quick-wit about her, that I only wish I had! The characters are easily related to, and I found myself being lost in a world that wasn’t mine, and furthermore wishing that I could be a part of this world!

I read the entire Winter Princess Novel overnight, and suffered with Sleep deprivation for a full twenty-four hours, because once I started reading, there was no way to stop myself.

Every character in this novel has their own separate personality, and though some of them aren’t so likable, they are real! Stacey has a way with writing dialogue that makes you feel like you are right there within the conversation. I admire the strengths and real life issues that Stacey has woven throughout the story, and love the fact that not everything is perfect within their world!

I have read the follow on from The Winter Princess, and let me just say that I need more! I couldn’t stop at one, I couldn’t stop at two, and I’m fairly certain that I won’t be able to stop at three either!


So, if you want to catch up with Stacey, or download her books, head to one of the links below:


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