Aphrodite’s Secret – A review

Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone! Today I’m introducing an author I previously haven’t reviewed or blogged for! So you all get some new blood 😉

Today’s blog is going to introduce you to Samantha Ketteman, who is one of Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly’s wonderful authors, and then I’ll be reviewing her re-release of Aphrodite’s Secret. As always you will find all of Samantha’s links at the end of the post.

Let’s begin!

My author pic

Samantha Ketteman has resided in southern Illinois for 9 years, (though still claims to be

an Alabama girl), with her husband and three crazy demon children. She started reading novels at

a very young age and decided to write for herself. She is a caffeine addict, insomniac, and generally

scatterbrained most of the time. When she’s not writing, she’s getting lost in her writing. Novels are an

escape from the harsh reality of a cantankerous teenage boy and two drama queen girls.

She is the author of Aphrodite’s Secret, the first novel in The Forgotten series, as well as the

Best-seller Glimpse of Destiny, the first novel in the Xade Daniels Chronicles, and the novella, Avenging

Innocence. She has four short stories featured in the Cogs in Time anthology, The Cogs in Time 2

Anthology, The Rise of the Goddess anthology, and The Upcoming After Tomorrow Anthology, all

through Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing and Vamptasy Publishing. She is working on the

sequels to her releases, as well as new series and anthologies.


Aphrodite cover


Aphrodite’s Secret – Review

3.5 – 4 Stars

I fell in love with Samantha’s writing the moment I picked it up and started reading. I’m not usually a huge reader of Greek Mythology, but the modern spin in this story made it quite appealing to me.

This was an easy read, and by easy I don’t mean boring and quick. By easy I mean, I could see everything I read like it was right in front of my eyes. Samantha has a way of painting her story worlds and having them come across as if they are real life.

Although it was fairly predictable, I enjoyed the relationships between the characters and the way the story played out.

The main character – Kaira – who just happens to be Aphrodite’s daughter, has a sometimes sassy attitude and the banter between characters was easy to fall in with.

Kaira hasn’t led the best life to this point, and though I found the repetition of ‘stalkage’ to be a little annoying, her background was fitting with her current life.

I would have liked to have read more about Zane’s background, and I’d like to see him reconnect with family but I guess that’s what follow on stories in the series are for.

Another thing I adored about this book was the paranormal elements, though I’d love to know what other powers Kaira is in for.

The romance was sweet and simple, and just drew me into that mushy pile of goo that I always head into when reading good romance within a story. I absolutely loved that Kaira looked past Zane’s scars as if they didn’t exist.

Overall, though I would have liked to have seen more information added in to the book, I really enjoyed Aphrodite’s Secret and would love to read the rest of the series.


And that’s about all I have time for today! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about Samantha and Aphrodite’s Secret. If you want even more from this author, you can catch her and her works through these links:

Glimpse of Destiny:

US link: http://goo.gl/ewpbEa

Canada link: http://goo.gl/At6aFx

UK link: http://goo.gl/XeUgNW

Avenging Innocence



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